American Airlines bonus for NYC-area folks

The legacy airlines are all pretty desperate and they aren’t afraid to use promotions and the allure of more miles to try to increase revenue and market share.  United has continued their EQM bonus promo for residents of Australia, for example.  In the case of American Airlines their target market is New York City residents and those in the surrounding area.  They’ve just released a new double miles offer that will last the rest of the year.

The offer is open to folks who have an AAdvantage account registered in NY, NJ or CT and is valid from July 29th to December 31st.  That is a pretty long promo and it applies to every AA flight, even those purchased prior to this announcement.  The miles don’t count for elite status this year but they do count towards lifetime status.

If I had some discretionary trips to book I’d definitely consider this as an option, solely for the extra credit towards lifetime status.  I’ve already got my other status for the year sewn up and this could add some fun to the second half.

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Seth Miller

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