A delay in the new TrueBlue program

jetBlue has been playing up their new TrueBlue loyalty program quite a bit over the past several months, and with good reason. There are a number of things that are worth looking forward to in the new program based on what they’ve announced so far. It looks as though it will be much more rewarding that then current iteration of the program.

Sadly, however, it will be a few extra weeks until anyone knows for certain – the launch of TrueBlue2 is going to be delayed. When the first round of details came out it was expected that TB2 would launch in September ‘09. Now that we’re pretty much at the end of the month it was pretty clear that wasn’t going to happen. And jetBlue agrees, announcing today a new start date for the program: November 9, 2009.

Waiting another six weeks to get started in the program isn’t all that great. Indeed, it really stinks for folks who would rather earn in the new program due to the limited fungiblity of the older points. And that carries over to folks with the jettBlue credit card, too. Still, the TrueBlue program wasn’t really a huge draw with the old program so perhaps the delay won’t really hurt jetBlue too much. Plus there are rumors of a new promo coming out leading up to the launch of the new program, but the Magic 8 Ball is a bit hazy on the details there right now.

And, most of all, getting it right is way more important than just getting it out the door.

I’m mostly hoping that this delay means more partner integration from the initial launch rather than waiting until Q1 2010 and that it will give them a chance to release more details before it actually goes into effect. I guess I’ve got the next 6 weeks to figure it out.

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