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  1. Anonymous
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    What do you expect them to say? They're obviously not authorized to release whatever is redacted so I assume they're fixing it.

  2. Anonymous
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    Guess what! The file is STILL available on the fbo.gov website (if you're just the least bit creative)!

    Do a google search for: screening management, and limit it to fbo.gov. At the moment, it's the first match. Click on the cached link. On the right of the cached page there is a link next to "Amendment 2" to download the ZIP file. The redacted (rediculous) file is still in the ZIP!

    Geez! Talk about morons!

  3. Seth
    Seth at |

    Awesome. I saw that they took the entire contract offline which was reasonably effective in stopping folks. But having the cached page and the attachemnt still on the server somewhere is rather entertaining.

    In the end they went overboard to remove the document but still managed to not do it correctly. About what I expect from my government.