Another airline bankruptcy filing – Mesa Air Group

Airline bankruptcies are never a good thing and it is certainly a terrible way to start the new year.  But such a filing was made by Mesa Air Group this morning with the carrier seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Dan over at Things in the Sky has a pretty good review of the filing and potential impact it may have.  Most notable is that the regional carrier seems to think that this will help them receive legal relief (or at least resolution) more quickly in cases they have pending against Delta and United Airlines regarding the larger carriers terminating regional services.  But even if Mesa wins those lawsuits I’m not sure the cash is enough to help them deal with the large number of regional jets they’ve got lying around now with no customers.

The Mesa operation in Hawaii, go! Airlines, is excepted from the filing so that operation is running as normal right now.  That seems strange but I’m sure there is a legal reason to do it that way.

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Seth Miller

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