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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    > though Continental does own their own catering
    > company so their food costs remain rather low

    Using that argument, any kind of outsourcing would be counter-productive, wouldn’t it?

    (and yes, I would agree that in many cases it is…)

  2. grace
    grace at |

    Do they still have that premixed margarita bottle? I like that a lot more than the mixer Delta uses for their margaritas.

  3. Seth
    Seth at |

    Yes, owning the infrastructure is an argument against out-sourcing. But that’s not what this is. They’re just adding a couple other suppliers into the game.

    And, yes, they do still ahve the pre-mixed margarita. If you’re riding up front (or willing to splurge) ask for a Grand Marnier floater on top. Adds quite a bit to the overall experience.