Wifi coming to the rails

Amtrak has announced that they are joining the ranks of the various other commercial transit means – namely planes and buses – and adding wifi connectivity to the Acela Express line plying routes between Washington, DC and Boston.  The service is being rolled out as part of the 2010 cabin upgrades on the Acela Express fleet and is expected to be complete in March.  The service will be “initially free” though there is no indication what the duration of that free service will be or what the pricing will be when that expires.

Nice to see that Amtrak is signing on for such an endeavor, though the lack of details makes the value of this offering a bit uncertain right now.  Then again, paying for a day’s worth of access for the trip on Acela almost certainly means getting more time online for your money than a similar charge on a flight or in an airport.  It will be interesting to see if Acela can team with the providers in the major stations along the route which also offer internet service to put together a package deal for customers or if it will still be a la carte throughout the journey.

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Seth Miller

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