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  1. Corey
    Corey at |

    I also liked that their booking engine required a passenger to enter their gender and weight when booking a ticket. :rolleyes:

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Not sure about the gender but I’ve been asked for weight before when boarding. Then again, that was on things like a Cessna or a Grumman where it really did matter for weight and balance reasons.

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    UA asks for Gender when booking a ticket based on the new TSA requirement (forgot the official name).

    Weight? Sure, on smaller aircraft such as helicopters.

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  5. Mario
    Mario at |

    “The destinations are in the 6-12 hour driving range and they are all good connections for middle-America folks who want to stay domestic for their travels.”

    ???What kind of elitist snooty comment is that? the most ignorant people on earth are increasingly proving to the be the left wing aristocrats. Your imagine of the US is sick and twisted. Go have a riot in the european suburbs!