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  1. Jeff Ehorn
    Jeff Ehorn at |

    I’ve done that before, though not quite as early. Was coming back from Singapore to the US, flight was scheduled to depart SIN at 6:00am, so figured I’d have to be at the airport at about 4:00am, so would have to leave my dorm at 3:00am. Since I had almost missed a previous flight by sleeping through my loud alarm for TWO HOURS, I decided to just stay up. Yet again I almost fell asleep in the SATS lounge, but made it out okay.

  2. helicopter flight school
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    I’ve also had to leave the house at 3 AM to catch a flight… definitely not ideal… but sometimes its the only option!

  3. Prat
    Prat at |

    Ha ! So now you know how we all feel when we have to travel to UK USA from India ! We have to arrive and depart at most ungodly hours.