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  1. canuck_in_pa
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    JFK-STN is 3000 nautical miles. The range of a B737-800 is 2600 nm (according to Sun Country’s website) or 3000 nm (from Boeing’s website, which probably includes optional tanks). That means they’ll need a fuel stop somewhere. Maybe Shannon like the BA A318 so they can do US customs pre-clearance on the way back? SNN-JFK is still 2600 nm though, and there’s a headwind.

  2. Oliver
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    London isn’t exactly sun country. 😉

    Why are they going to keep the aircraft in London for 30 hrs?

  3. Matt Miles
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    I know there is a lot of confusion about this route, but the JFK > STN is direct on a 738…I am not as well versed in Sun Country’s fleet as I should be being that I am MSP based and a huge fan of Sun Country.

    The reason for them flying this route is to build up their ETOPS-120 flight-hours so they can go for their ETOPS-180. Sun Country wants to begin narrow-body military charters to Europe and compete with Miami Air which is currently the only domestic narrow-body operator running trans-Atlantic mil charters…

  4. Wandering Aramean
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    My understanding is that they’ll just leave the plane on the ground for the 30 hours. Apparently that is a better use for it than running an extra MSP-JFK turn.

    On the range issue they can either add a technical stop in SNN, block seats from passengers or come up with some other solution, but it seems that they are doing this.

    As for the narrow-body TATL charters, CO also expressed that they may try to get in that business with their 737-900ERs but thus far they are keeping the planes in passenger operations. I guess if there are further capacity cuts in their operations having the birds able to go across the pond isn’t a bad thing for them.

  5. Oliver
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