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  1. cruisr
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    I told you it is a wonderful place. I can’t wait till I can move there. The restaurants are amazing as are the people and the shopping. Its a great place to visit and to live.

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  3. bird
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    Three years ago, I was on a Caribbean cruise that did a partial transit of the Panama Canal. The cruise ship entered from the Caribbean side and went as far as Gatun Lake. From there, my friend and I took a river boat through the rest of the canal (and took a bus back to Colon, where the ship was docked). The photos you posted reminded me of how much I enjoyed being on the Canal, especially when a very large freighter came up behind the river boat–wow! Construction on the widening of the canal was just starting at that time, so I’m curious as to how far it’s gotten.

  4. Wandering Aramean
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    I had forgotten that you did the canal crossing before. It does look quite fun to do on the water as well, though I haven’t gone all the way up to the Colon side yet (I understand it isn’t particularly nice). It is definitely interesting to watch the large and small boats stacked into the locks together; the sense of scale is pretty amazing.

    As for the construction, you can see some of it from the tourist center and it appears to be coming along pretty strong. One of the very cools things is that the new locks will not simply dump the water out to sea, so less waste of the natural resources.

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    Very beautiful pics

  6. Jaime
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    Seth can you help me locate Blad I’m going to Panama in July. Would like to set a guide for my layover trip.

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