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  1. whakojacko
    whakojacko at |

    Actually I think BA counts now even without considering WTP-I beleive BA just starting charging extra for premium (exit row) Y seats. SQ no longer has a premium economy product now that they 345s are all business.

  2. Tom
    Tom at |

    $59 for more legroom from IAH to EWR? I’ll pass.

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I wonder if CO is considering “aligning” with UA and offer an entire E+ section. It certainly is a major reason that keeps me booking United even when there are other/cheaper alternatives.

  4. The Global Traveller
    The Global Traveller at |

    I think there are some misunderstanding on upsell seating on some airlines.

    Singapore Airlines does not have premium economy – they really are selling the exit rows in economy (only) for an extra fee.

    British Airways does have a premium economy cabin, available at substantially higher fares. They also have a seat selection fee to enable people to pre-select some good seats. Some elite/premium passengers are exempt from this fee, and some good seats (eg upper deck exit row) are not available for advance seat selection by those who need to pay for it.

    Qantas is another example of an airline with premium economy and also a policy of pay for exit row in economy longhaul.

    Air New Zealand doesn’t offer more legroom for a fee, but does allow booking a second seat on longhaul flights for a nominal fee at check-in, subject to availability.

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  6. Riiiight
    Riiiight at |

    Unlikely scenario to have premium seats left? Riiight. It’s happened on every flight that I’ve flown since the policy has been implemented. The results? Some folks pay extra for the seats, others get them for free, and frequent travelers without status get screwed. Nice going.