A few hints on the JetBlue Washington National routes

As the expected recipient of a number of slots at Washington, DC’s National Airport (DCA), there has been much speculation about which routes JetBlue would launch service on. A hint may have been received this evening as fares were loaded into the Global Distribution Systems that are used to feed data to all the booking engines world-wide. Specifically, fares were loaded for service between DCA and New York City’s JFK, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and Charlotte.

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Searches for fares to a number of other cities return no results. This certainly is not conclusive evidence of their route planning strategy, but it does yield some ideas. None of these flights are loaded into any schedules yet, at least not those that are publicly available.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Charlotte is an interesting choice. I am sure that gives the folks in Tempe heartburn.

  2. I don’t actually think that DCA-CLT is going to happen. They don’t have enough slots to go after a market like that, especially when US is going to be adding a whole bunch more slots in DCA as part of this whole deal. JetBlue simply wouldn’t be able to do anything but dump inventory to harm US Air, but not also profit at the same time. And it wouldn’t even hurt that much.

    Plus, the actual routes were just announced. FLL, MCO and BOS only.

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