The actual JetBlue DCA routes

Just announced on the quarterly earnings conference call:

  • 7x daily DCA-BOS
  • 1x daily DCA-FLL
  • 1x daily DCA-MCO

That makes a lot more sense than trying to get Charlotte or JFK on the schedule. There is competition on all these routes, most notably from US Airways on all three routes, but also from Delta, American Airlines, Spirit Air and AirTran.

The new flights put JetBlue in the drivers seat on traffic between Boston and the DC area, with 18 daily departures amongst the three airports. The fight for Boston is going to be fun to watch…

The new flights are bookable now at, with some good sales out there for travel prior to December 15, 2010.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I am a little disappointed not to see CLT. However, that probably would have been a bad way to use the precious slots.

  2. Agreed. JetBlue is picking enough of a fight with going after UA Air on the Boston route. US Air is pulling back a bit in Boston and JetBlue is already king of the hill there. Trying to come in as the small guy fighting the predominant carrier at both ends of a route would be a recipe for hemorrhaging cash, not for taking market share and succesfully establishing service in a new market.

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