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  1. Oliver
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    I knocked off my 45th US state this week when I spent two days in Minneapolis (does working count as doing something?).

    The state that I spent the least amount of time in: West Virginia about one minute. That was when I was driving up the east coast from Florida to DC and noticed that I-81 would take me within about 20 miles of the border to W. Virginia. Does a happy dance when I crossed the state border count as doing something?

    I really should try to finish the US states this year. The Dakotas, Oklahoma, a few states in New England… The badlands, tree coloring in the fall, and … Well, what’s there to do in Oklahoma? Maybe the tall grass prairie…

  2. The Global Traveller
    The Global Traveller at |

    Sudan is just a wee bit bigger than Malta 😉

    You need a lot of time if you want to do something meaningful at every place on the list. For example when I went to Niue it had just 1 flight a week. Of course I flew right back because I can’t afford to spend a week at every remote destination.

    Other places are worse with just 1 or 2 ships a year. When Paul Smith (the twitchhiker) tried to get to Campbell Island he’d missed the only boat going there for a year by just a couple of weeks.

  3. Anglo Large Clawed Otter
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    There’s a great Grauniad article regarding Charles Veley, who I believe is No. 2 on the list: