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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I sure hope the combined UA/CO doesn’t adopt the “can’t book seats with extra leg room until checkin” approach.

    What was the reason for offering complimentary upgrades on the Lima routes in the first place? A trial balloon to test how this would work on (fairly long) international routes?

  2. Benjamin Price
    Benjamin Price at |

    Past few years have been Platinum, but with all these new cost-cutting measures put in place by Jeff, and so many other issues that have come up lately, from the merger and other situations, makes me wonder why I should bother to renew this year?

    Sounds like I might want to start looking at US Airways as they are always cheap, not as great of planes or service as Continental, but great prices and easily upgraded as an elite…

  3. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    My understanding on the Lima thing is that it used to be a BusinessFirst route (it is longer than EWR-UK/Ireland!) but they didn’t have sufficient demand so they downgraded the service and stopped charging for it. But they have to use the 757-200s because of the distance of the flight so you got the seat – the most important part of the upgrade for most folks – without having to pay the up-charge. Now they believe the market has shifted and they’re hoping to draw the higher rates for the service. I don’t blame them for trying but it sucks for the customers.

    As for whether to renew or not, that’s a tough call. I’m already over 50K EQMs and I’ll likely get platinum again. The lack of change fees on rewards is an enormous benefit that I take from my status, moreso than the upgrades. And now that includes no close-in redemption fees. It is a nice benefit to be sure. Going to US isn’t terrible from a redemption perspective – still no StarNet blocking and similar pricing and routing rules (CO’s are still a touch better) – but the day-to-day travel with them is a chore. Depending on where you live and where you are flying you can end up in some really crummy aircraft and with some downright terrible service options. Then again, if you are able to consistently save real money (IFE there is no airline that is always cheaper than the others) that should drive your decision.