A dividing line between tourists and locals

I have to admit that I have VERY frequently dreamed of effecting this exact same “prank” here in New York City. Walking down the sidewalk behind a group of folks five abreast who frequently stop or are otherwise impeding the flow of pedestrian traffic is one of those things that simply drives me bonkers. Particularly in a city like New York where so many locals are out walking on the street all the time and where the average speed of those folks is much faster. Someone finally did it.

Dividing line lightheartedly 'separating' tourists and New Yorkers (above and below) graces block of Fifth Ave. Wednesday.

There was a line painted down the middle of the sidewalk on 5th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets in Manhattan this morning. One side was designated for tourists and the other for locals. Of course, no one actually paid attention to to the “rules” but the dream lives on….

More on this from the NY Daily News here.

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Seth Miller

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