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  1. oliver
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    Re “The co-pay fees were only introduced in January as part of a shift to permit upgrades from all fare classes. It didn’t last long for the elites.”

    The fare class change was only for international flights and upgrades were previously available on all fare classes for domestic travel without copay.

  2. Alan
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    United Airlines Mileage Plus Upgrade Co-Pay Fee Investigation

    Wasserman, Comden, Casselman & Esensten, L.L.P. is currently conducting an investigation into United Airlines’ Mileage Plus ticket upgrade policy.

    As members of United Airlines Mileage Plus program, some consumers are told that they can purchase a regular Economy Class ticket and apply their accrued miles toward a seat upgrade to Business or First Class.

    After opting for the upgrade upon arriving at the airport, some consumers are surprised to find that they must pay an additional “Co-Pay” fee in order to board the airplane and claim their upgraded seat. These Co-Pay fees can range in amounts up to several hundred dollars per seat.

    If you or someone you know has been surprised by United Airlines’ requirement of Co-Pays at the point of check-in, or if you would like more information about our United Airlines investigation, please contact us using the link below:


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