A bit of a reprieve on the Star Alliance reward search problem

UPDATE (2012-8-29): See this new post for an updated version of the script which is working again.


The news this morning that searching for Star Alliance rewards using the ANA website was no longer viable for most folks was shocking and more than a bit disappointing. The good news? Apparently the restriction actually isn’t quite as bad as was initially thought. Yes, the option is missing on the website for most folks right now but that appears to only be a UI issue. In other words the functionality is still there if you can get to the correct webpage. And I can.

Just a bit of tinkering this afternoon and I’ve whipped up a GreaseMonkey script that puts a link back on the main page for folks who are searching:

Fullscreen capture 6172010 54644 PM.bmp

Nothing fancy, but pretty darn functional. Simply sign in to your ANA account and go to the AMC reward page here. Click on the link for an International Reward search and, assuming everything is actually working correctly, the link should show up on the top of your screen.

Every now and then you’ll get a Session Expired error with the link. Just start the search over and it should go away.

Make sure you’ve got GreaseMonkey installed and then grab the script here. And enjoy your reward travels.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Many thanks to you for this script and workaround. Cheers, Chitownflyer

  2. Glad it is working for you. Hopefully this option will remain viable for a while. If not, I’m sure another option will come up soon enough. Lots of resourceful folks out there who are not keen on being denied our access to airline reward inventory.

  3. Thank you for the script, it worked like a charm and allowed me to find some much needed availability.

    Thank you again,

  4. How does one learn how to write these Grease Monkey scripts? They are great. I have used the one to enable ticket holds on united.com which is a great workaround.

  5. Does CO plan to eventually offer access to all *A partner award seats on their website?

    @chitownflyer – google for grease monkey. It’s been a while since I last looked at it, but they had tutorials/docs on their site. Need to know/learn a bit of JavaScript and HTML.

  6. CO has a dozen or so carriers now and they’ve stated that they intend to offer as many as possible. I don’t know that all will get there and there are certainly limitations in how complete the searches are right now even for the ones they have, but they’ve stated their intention to keep adding more as they can.

  7. Bizarre, I am logged into ANA, tried to click on your *A link but received the following error. Any words of advice?

    *Your session has been terminated due to inactivity for a given period. Please go back to the top page by clicking [Continue] and try again.(Action_349)

    You may encounter this error when viewing the site without the proper environment or browser settings. Please check here for our recommended environment or contact ANA Reservation and Information Center.

  8. Kathy:

    Go back to the from page and try again. That errory usually only happens once or twice. You can also try clicking on the “Return to Menu” link in the title bar and trying again. That will often “reset” things.

  9. i’m getting the same error message as Kathy, and can’t get out of the loop! Tried your suggestions, but am not seeing any exit.

  10. Hey, all…

    After some feedback on FlyerTalk and additional tweaking I think that it should be a bit more reliable now. If you have already downloaded the script I suggest deleting it (Manage User Scripts in GreaseMonkey) and then installing it again from the link above. It should have both the link AND the blue button back now.

    Joan: Try the new version and let me know if you’re still having trouble.

  11. No luck in getting the search icon – is this still functioning?

  12. Still working for me. If the icon isn’t there the first time click on the “Return to menu” icon and then back on International reward reservations and it should show up then.

  13. great script, thank you very much.

    Would it be possible to change the script such that it would take me to the “Flight search” page instead of the “enter a round-trip” page? I guess quite many would like to enter their flights segment by segment.

  14. not getting the script to work for me either. it’s not installing when i click the above link.

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