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  1. ANA Website No Longer Allows Members Without any Miles to Search for Star Allaince Awards - View from the Wing

    […] which has far greater reach than this blog. It’s been posted by Lucky on his blog and by Wandering Aramean as […]

  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    And once everyone has transferred a few miles into ANA, what’s going to stop them from changing the requirements to, say, have 20k miles? (after all, you can’t really book anything on *A with 50 miles). Or, they could restrict it to miles flown on ANA (i.e., you have to be a “real” ANA customer).

  3. A bit of a reprieve on the Star Alliance reward search problem - The Wandering Aramean

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  4. Oliver
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    Thanks for the monkey script. Great job!

    I’d have no problems dedicating my next Hertz rental to ANA; it’s not urgent for me as I don’t expect to plan any award travel in the near future (need to focus on requalification).