JetBlue adds triple points promo

After a relatively quiet spring for frequent flyer points bonuses on travel, the summer is heating up quite nicely. There has been plenty of competition in the New York CityChicago market, mostly started because Delta added shuttle service on the ORD-LGA route starting just a couple weeks back. And now, for some reason, Los Angeles has become a target for promotions as well, with JetBlue announcing a triple miles promo for non-stop flights from LAX.

There are only two routes covered by the latest promotion from JetBlue – New York’s JFK and Boston – but the promo is valid for all new purchases through October 31. Registration is required:

I’ve been looking to book a flight out to LA for a wedding in October and the triple points – as well as the 34” pitch, free snacks and free LiveTV – might just be enough to swing my business that way, especially since I’m not going to get upgraded otherwise on that route for free and the price is right.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I don’t know that it is leakage so much as also adding a number of frequencies ex-LAX recently and that market still being ridiculously price-competitive. Fares are up a bit right now for October dates that I’m looking at but loads are not yet there, on any of the carriers.

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