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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Yeah, I am for sure not going to fly in Economy from Houston to New Zealand. Long flights with 31″ pitch? No thanks.

    Then again, isn’t it also possible that the press release info (# seats in each cabin) that you based your numbers on is simple what Continental was planning prior to the merger, and that the whole thing will change completely? E.g., are you certain that the 787s will be two-cabin aircraft?

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Well, nothing is certain in life, but the numbers above are almost certainly reflective of how the order went in to Boeing and the seat manufacturers and it seems pretty much the way it is going to be.

    As for whether it will remain a 2-cabin aircraft, I cannot see that changing. F service in general is going to be shifted around after the merger and it will remain limited and in very specific markets. The 787s are destined for long, thin routes. Those are generally not the routes that support a true F product.

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