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  1. Gabe
    Gabe at |

    How did you manage a routing like that for a similar price? What airlines are you taking over there?

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    I’m flying a mix of Star Alliance carriers and taking advantage of what might have been a missing zero in a price somewhere. 😉

  3. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    I just went through this whole process myself for the first time for a trip to Kenya next week. Like you, it’s my first trip to Africa.

    I did get all my shots updated at the same time (5 in all). I have no aversion to needles, but by the 3rd shot- ow! But it’ll be all worth it to explore a new continent.

    I look forward to reading your Africa report- how long will you be there?

  4. phoenix thompson
    phoenix thompson at |

    hi Seth
    impressive flight deal!
    But where are you staying in Accra?
    You emailed us for a reservation, I answered, you never responded?
    the rising phoenix
    the best beach front city centre budget hotel in the west coast of Africa (I think)