Honoring the best of the loyalty programs: The Frequent Traveler Awards

The answer to the question “Which program is best?” is always a very personal decision. It depends on how much you travel, where you go and just how luxe an experience you’re aiming for, among other things. Still, it is possible and even desirable for some reasonably generic “best program” comparisons. After all, as the folks who are spending the most time in hotels and on airplanes, it makes sense that the traveling community should have the ability to provide feedback in a rather public venue.

The Frequent Traveler Awards

For 20+ years that venue was the Freddie Awards. The final Freddie Awards ceremony was held in April 2009, leaving a vacuum in the marketplace. As of this week, however, that gap has been filled. Enter the Frequent Traveler Education Foundation (FTEF) and the Frequent Traveler Awards. The FT Awards give a voice to the traveling public, a means to provide feedback to the programs with more volume than any one person can muster on their own.

"It is important that members of frequent traveler programs worldwide have their voices heard when it comes to the value of loyalty programs," said Foundation President Tommy Danielsen. "The Frequent Traveler Awards allow travelers to speak in unison about what they truly value in loyalty programs."

Awards will be presented in five categories to recognize the best airline and hotel promotion for earning, best promotion for redemption, best redemption ability, elite benefits and branded credit card. A sixth award will recognize the overall airline and hotel ‘Program of the Year’ in each region. In addition, a separate award will honor significant contributions to the loyalty industry by an individual or corporation.

The Frequent Traveler Awards will be voted on by frequent travelers worldwide, allowing them to rank airline and hotel programs from their point of view. The merits of what each program offers will determine the winners.

The Frequent Traveler awards can be found online, on twitter and on FaceBook.

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Seth Miller

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