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  1. Joe (Flight Attendant)
    Joe (Flight Attendant) at |

    Seth, it was great to meet you, sorry about your missed connection in SJC, if you had not flown to SJC you would not have met Rodan and Ashton, who I agree with you are awesome flight attendants, let’s not forget George up front, he was great also. Meeting these three made me readdress the way I interact with the passengers, they made me a better flight attendant. Folks we meet, can change us and enhance our lives, even though you did not make your connection, you did meet some good people.

  2. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Great to meet you, too, Joe.

    I’m quite impressed by your statement that watching your colleagues work changed your view of the job. I was sleeping the whole flight home that you were workign but based on what I saw from you on the outbound and during boarding I’d say that you’re probably up there with those guys in terms of providing great service to JetBlue customers already.