Bonus points for extra legroom on JetBlue

JetBlue has announced a promotion for their Even More Legroom seating product, offering double points for upgrade purchases between September 1 and October 31, 2010. Or maybe quadruple points. The promo terms state both “double points” and “a total of 400 points” which is actually 4x the regular earning rate of 100 per segment.

UPDATE: Turns out that JetBlue has also decided to up the regular earning rate from 100 points to 200 points so the double really is 400. Great news all around!


This isn’t a bad way to get a few extra points, especially on the shorter flights where the up-charge is lower. And with the 25+ flights I’ve got booked as part of the All You Can Jet adventures, there are certainly plenty of opportunities to earn them.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Turns out that they have changed the regular earning rate from 100 to 200 for buying the EML seats to begin with so it is a regular doubling.

    if I can find some cheaper price points on my shorter flights during AYCJ I’ll definitely be buying it.

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