Sweet Singapore suites now available with points

Since they introduced their first class suites on the Airbus A380 a few years ago, Singapore Air has been unwilling to offer up those seats for award redemption. They consider the suites a product above first class and therefore simply have not published any award inventory for them, either for their own frequent flyer program members or for partners. That changed this past week for KrisFlyer members. They can now redeem points for travel in one of the nicest cabin experiences on offer. Assuming they have a ton of points, of course.

When Singapore decided to only offer their new business class at the “rule-buster” redemption level for their customers it was a bit gauche but at least the pricing was still somewhat reasonable. The suites pricing is anything but. The least expensive outright award is a one-way between Sydney and Singapore; it will set you back 550,000 points. A one way between London and Singapore tips the scales at a cool million.

The numbers are astounding not only because they are so high, but also because they do not even remotely parallel the cash costs of buying tickets outright. Every frequent flyer program will have some redemptions that are better than others but this is rather ridiculous. It is simply not possible to realize a decent value on the points being redeemed at this level. About the only way I can figure it makes sense is for someone who is spending someone else’s money on their credit card in a volume that is rather tremendous. And even then there are much better ways to channel that spend rather than into the KrisFlyer program if Suites travel is the ultimate goal.

I think that this one can be chalked up on the “thanks, but no thanks” side of the ledger.

Nod to Lucky for spotting the details on FlyerTalk and sharing.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I think the headline here should perhaps be, “Sweet Singapore suites STILL NOT available with points”, 😉 as at this redemption level they might as well not even be offering suites. That is nuts, and I though Emirates a380 North American to Dubai in a First Suite at 250 k or thereabouts was high.

  2. Agreed that the price point is so high as to be stupid. Still, now SQ can claim that they are not completely blocking out the redemptions so there is something to be gained for them.

    And still no way it is a smart idea to redeem that way.

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