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  1. ewrcrewstew
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    Actually, the fresh food menu items (options available after 3.5 hours) are off loaded at every station and new new fresh food inventory is catered at a percentage based on passenger load. A La Carte items (all menu inventory labeled as snacks and are shelf stable) are catered only at major hub stations.

  2. Oliver
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    The “meal” options don’t sound more substantial thank what other airlines offer. I’ve had a sandwich on US that probably can compete with the cheeseburger on CO (unless that happens to be a whopper meal with large fries), and I can’t imagine that the salads are significantly bigger than, say, UA’s salads.

    So F passengers who don’t like the choice (if any) of F food don’t get the option of substituting a free BoB meal from coach? UA seems to offer that.

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