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  1. Pat Wood
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    Wow, that’s quite the disparity. Glad to see that some healthy competition will make that route a lot more reasonable and affordable. Though with flights starting in May 2011, Continental definitely has a lot of time to respond, test, or ease into a lower pricing model for the route.

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    […] and Jet Blue entering the EWR-BOS market prices are expected to drop dramatically. The new pricing has already been published. Going from $415 one way to $49 one way is going to be a big cut in CO's margins on those flights. […]

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    […] money in a market they show up and often charge less than the legacy on the route. Check out the change in EWR-BOS when B6 shows up in the market. The cheapest one-way fare went from $415 to $49. __________________ Wandering Aramean | […]

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    […] JetBlue now selling Boston-Newark, killing Continental cash cow […]

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    […] to connect for such a short trip and Continental exploited that price disparity. Right up until JetBlue announced their entry into the market. The fares dropped quite quickly at that point. Hardly a surprise, really. Competition, not the […]

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    […] Are you talking one-way or RT? I see jetBlue pricing out aroung around that for some RTs in April, but there are some days when fares around $144 OW. For what it's worth, check out what the pricing on this route used to be: http://blog.wandr.me/thewan…ntal-cash-cow/ […]

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    […] Speaking of getting beaten out of the market, Southwest tried to attack US Air on this route recently. The carrier added service in June 2010 and competed with US Airways for 20 months before throwing in the towel. As of February 2012 Southwest killed the route, leaving US Airways once again as the only carrier on the route. JetBlue is no stranger to competing with an incumbent on a major business Boston route. The New York-based carrier has previously established similar service at Washington’s National airport and Newark. […]