Growing alliances for OneWorld, JetBlue

Earlier this week saw two announcements regarding growing alliances in the airline world. Russian carrier S7 joined the OneWorld alliance while JetBlue added another interline partner, Emirates.

The S7/OneWorld deal adds 55 destinations and 9 countries to the OneWorld route map, nearly tripling the alliance’s coverage in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. That’s a big chunk of the world that is now open to OneWorld partners. Additionally, frequent flyer reciprocity – including EQMs – is now in place for travel on S7 and credit to other OneWorld partners.

The Emirates/JetBlue deal continues the efforts of JetBlue to grow their airline partner portfolio for interline connections. The deal covers only ticketing and baggage check-through for now. Discussions about frequent flyer reciprocity are ongoing, as is the potential for ticketing through JetBlue channels; currently the interline itineraries are only available via or other 3rd party booking engines. Emirates is the 6th interline airline partner for JetBlue, joining South African, El Al, Lufthansa, American Airlines and Aer Lingus.

In both cases it is nice to see partnerships grow. Ultimately that’s better for customers in just about every case.

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Seth Miller

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