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  1. Kimberly
    Kimberly at |

    Holding some solid information is valuable this days with the terrorist and travel advisory going on.

  2. Erik
    Erik at |

    Ha. Try an immediate turn. Did that in July during US’ hop, skip & jump promo. “How long will you be staying in Bermuda?” Oh, about three hours. That was interesting.

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    US Immigrations probably wouldn’t like some of those answers either. That’ said, I always find it weird when customs/immigration forms ask for an address since I often will only spend the first night or so there.

  4. Rob Pereyda
    Rob Pereyda at |

    If you give these kind of answers in China, they actually have a sign that says they’ll escort you to the police station. One time, i had to bite the bullet and roam on my iPhone, but the $5 of data was well worth it!

  5. The Global Traveller
    The Global Traveller at |

    It is the same in many places. I almost got denied entry to Canada for similar issues. Worse still my ticket had been reissued the day before I turned up at the border (but same date due to international dateline) – even though I’d booked several weeks earlier it appeared to them as a last minute purchase.

  6. Erik G.
    Erik G. at |

    It is kind of funny because up until a few years ago, there basically were no street addresses in Bermuda (outside of Hamilton and St. George’s). You just gave the house’s name (every house had a name) and a description of where it was located (“up behind X” or “on Y hill”), plus the parish name and a nearby village, if any.

    Mainly, they are looking for drug couriers.

  7. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    I can understand why I might have looked like a drug courier. I was actually there to be a courier of a couple hard drives from Bermuda to Masachusetts so the general idea fits though the actual merchandise was rather more legit.

    And I’m neither surprised nor disappointed that they did it; just another entertaining travel experience and the closest I’ve ever been to getting denied entry when I really was otherwise OK to enter. Such is life.

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