Rainbows over Bermuda

It was a bit rainy for the couple days I was on the ground in Bermuda this week. Nothing drenching but a bit of drizzle and mist off an on throughout the stay. No big deal really, even walking around in the weather, and I got the benefit that often comes with misting rains: Rainbows.


Photographing them is harder than I think it should be, but I tried anyways. Some of them came out OK.



IMGP7156I was at the airport a few hours early for my flight so I had the opportunity to wander around a bit in the area and take in a few sights. The bridge from the airport area to Hamilton was washed out in a hurricane a couple years ago. Now that the new bridge is in place the remnants of the old bridge are used as a fishing pier.

IMGP7160It is not completely clear if the signs are left over from the previous days when it actually was used for traffic or not. Nor is it clear if the prohibition is against fishing in general or just fishing for humans. Either way, I did enjoy the view.

And then it was back into the terminal, through immigration, customs (no problems when leaving Bermuda) and security and into the gate area.

Too bad that Bermuda is so expensive; it really is a beautiful place to visit.

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Seth Miller

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  1. What you experienced on leaving BDA was actually USDHS/USCBP pre-clearance into the United States and is not operated by the Bermuda Government.

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