US Airways to launch lifetime status program

US Airways has announced their intention to finally offer a lifetime status recognition program for their frequent fliers, becoming the last of the legacy programs to offer such. In addition to being the last program to the party, the US Airways offering is probably the worst of the lot. Not a lot of love being shown for their loyal customers.

US Airways will be calculating qualifying points based on flights only on their aircraft; partner activity will not count. This is similar to United Airlines’s approach in being more restrictive than not. Additionally, US Airways will grant only their bottom tier status for reaching 1MM total miles. This matches Continental, Delta and American Airlines but it is much harder to accrue sufficient points to get to this level with US Air.

Yes, it is nice that the company is going to reward long-term loyalty with some benefits. Too bad they are still at the bottom of the ladder relative to their competition in this regard. Probably not worth going out of your way to achieve lifetime status on US Air, but if you’re already there nothing wrong with taking what they’re giving out. Considering that their CEO is on record as thinking that folks who pay attention to frequent flyer benefits are a bit “off” it is really something of a miracle that they continue to participate in such schemes at all.

Hat tip to The Points Guy for this one!

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