An end to “Threat Advisory Level Orange”

The Department of Homeland Security is finally going to get rid of their Rainbow Brite security system according to published reports. The system, established to aid in fear-mongering in 2002, was pretty much a waste of time and energy. Now it is being retired.

The system will be replaced in April during a presentation by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. The details will be included as part of the first annual "State of America’s Homeland Security" address. Get ready to hear the DHS brag about how they’ve spent billions upon billions and not actually improved security all that much. Should be a great time.

Seriously, though, I’m glad to hear that the DHS is moving towards a system that identifies specific real threats and reacts to those. Here’s hoping they can manage to do it without only being the reactionary fiasco that they have been to date. Deciding 3 days later to ban whatever last month’s attack du jour was doesn’t say much for their foresight.

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Seth Miller

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