Win free Star Alliance RTW tickets

Star Alliance is looking to make sure its passengers know all about the inter-carrier upgrade program that they offer. It is a decent deal if you’re already buying full fare tickets and is better than the comparable programs offered by the other alliances. Plus, in an effort to educate consumers, Star Alliance is giving away free tickets and miles to build knowledge about the product.

The grand prize is a pair of business class around the world (RTW) tickets. First prize is a pair of return business class tickets. Second prize is a single economy class return ticket. Finally, each participating program will be giving away five prizes of 10,000 points (or the equivalent if your program doesn’t work that way) each.

To enter you must have an account with one of the 27 member airlines’ frequent flyer programs. Assuming you’ve got that figured out, click here and answer the questions you’re presented with. Entries must be made by 14 February 2011.

If you need some help, here are a few clues:

  1. There are 27 member airlines in Star Alliance
  2. Upgrades come from your points and are valid on other carriers; no elite status required
  3. Your existing ticket is still valid with the upgrade attached to it
  4. There are LOTs of benefits available. Like all of them.
  5. There are nearly 1000 lounges available.

I’m not going to give any hints for the last question, in part because I don’t know the answer and in part because I want to win.

Good luck!

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Seth Miller

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  1. The last one isn’t actally published anywhere. They’re making you guess. If it was published on the site then you’d have too many people all with the same answer and that wouldn’t be any fun as a tie-breaker.

  2. “Daily Depatures” at least gives you a place to start so you can try to make a reasonable guess.

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