Double (and Triple) points rolling all spring from Amtrak

Amtrak has launched another great spring bonus program for its Amtrak Guest Rewards Program. Members who register will earn double AGR points on all travel from March 21 through May 6, 2011. Starting on National train Day – May 7, 2011 – and continuing through May 21, 2011 AGR members will earn triple points.

This promotion pretty much matches last year’s spring promo and it is a good one. AGR points are pretty valuable and they have a number of very cool award options in their program above and beyond the typical stuff.

Remember that registration is required for this promo.

UPDATE: Stupid Amtrak not permitting direct links to the registration page. Go here ( and look at the bottom of the page.

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Seth Miller

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  1. This is an excellent promo. You can earn 200 or 300 points per train trip, even if that trip costs a mere $5. And 4 trips per day can be credited at this rate.

    AGR members living in areas that have frequent, cheap train service stopping every few miles are favored…areas like Sacramento-San Jose, San Luis Obispo-San Diego, Philadelphia-Harrisburg. You can also redeem for a song on those corridors – just 1K points to travel from Northern to Southern CA, for example.

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