Expedia struggles with world geography

As part of the planning for my trip to Hong Kong and Guam this weekend I have finally started to look for some hotel options. In the end I’ll probably stay at the same place I stayed last time; it is a good price and a good location for a decent hotel. But I was curious what other options I have so I did some digging.

Expedia.com was nice enough to present their opaque bidding options to me so I figured I’d take a look. If the border of the neighborhood was reasonable enough Id be happy to save a few dollars and see a new hotel. Somehow, however, I do not think that their map of Kowloon is completely accurate.


That’s right, folks. Apparently Kowloon covers most of North America.

Sorry, Expedia, but with that level of incompetence I won’t be booking with you any time soon.

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Seth Miller

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