JetBlue adds Virgin Atlantic as interline partner

JetBlue continues to add international interline partners, expanding the number of destinations accessible on a single ticket. Today’s addition of Virgin Atlantic brings connectivity between four airports in the United Kingdom and four JetBlue hub airports in the United States, with onward connections available.

The Virgin Atlantic routes that are being linked are:

  • Boston – London (Heathrow)
  • New York (Kennedy) – London (Heathrow)
  • Orlando – Glasgow
  • Orlando – London (Gatwick)
  • Orlando – Manchester
  • Washington (Dulles) – London (Heathrow)

This is an interline agreement only; there is no frequent flyer program reciprocity yet. Still, always good to see more options appearing for such connections. Flights are only bookable through Virgin Atlantic or travel agents right now but that will likely change in the near future given that JetBlue has recently started offering interline booking directly on its own website for some partners.

One interesting competition note here is that interline connecting flights between Kennedy and Heathrow are now available on both Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines. The flights on American can earn TrueBlue points while the Virgin Atlantic flights cannot. It will be interesting to see if that skews the passenger traffic one direction or the other.

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Seth Miller

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