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  1. FroendlySkies
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    Thanks for the summary of the night! Almost felt like I was there.

  2. milehound
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    I suspect the elites who are buying lots of miles at inflated prices are using them for first-class long-haul awards (esp transpacific). First-class tickets are still more expensive in cash than in bought points. Remember that elites are more likely to get the dates they want and have fees waived for these tickets. Lifetime elites are even more likely to do this, since they no longer have to worry about flying a minimum number of paid-for miles each year.

    Just because the people spending the most on bought miles are elites, however, doesn’t mean that the majority of elites think this is a good use of money. It really depends on your personal situation. My longest flights are usually JFK-LHR, and I do all right in economy so long as I can book an exit row or other preferred seat as determined by SeatGuru.

  3. unavaca
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    AA’s ominous “maybe we’ll change it… and maybe we won’t” attitude to their elite program is disconcerting, especially when it comes to lifetime status.

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