Two great offers from US Airways, sortof

The bounty from US Airways in my email inbox this week has been great. OK, so it really was only two emails, but they are both pretty impressive deals. And one of them even seems to be real; the jury is still out on the second.

The first deal is a one year US Airways Club membership for $259. The US Airways Club membership gets you nearly the same benefits as a United Airlines Red Carpet Club or Continental Presidents Club membership, namely access to a world-wide network of airport lounges. But the US Airways version is only $259 for the year while Continental and United charge more than to $500 for the same benefit. This sale is valid through April 7, 2011; sign up here.

There is some confusion in the actual pricing – the email says the $50 activation fee is included in the $259 rate while the website says it is extra – but either way it is a pretty good deal.

From the email:


From the website:


The second offer is even more tempting for me: absolutely free, unsolicited, no strings attached points in the Dividend Miles program.

I have no idea why US Airways is giving away these points. It doesn’t seem that 1,000 points is really enough to sway loyalty and get someone back to the program, but I was certainly happy to have some free activity on my account that would extend the life of my points that are otherwise expiring at the end of this month.

The catch, of course, is that they points are not actually in my account. The email subject is pretty explicit about the points: "They’re waiting in your account!" is what it says. But there is nothing new in my account. I got that email on Monday and called on Tuesday to ask where the miles were. I was told I had to wait 24 hours. When I mentioned to the agent that these points would save my other points from expiring he suggested that I pay $25 rather than wait for the points to post. Maybe this is an elaborate ruse to squeeze $25 out of me. I doubt it, but not so much that I’m willing to discount the theory completely.

So, two great promos if they actually come through. But, as is sadly all too typical these days, the execution on both programs pretty much sucks. Such is life.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. I received the same email and a friend did too. Neither of us has received the 1,000 free miles yet after about 3 days. I suppose USAirways is getting a lot of calls about this by now.

    1. Heh…when they screw up this badly I’m not surprised that they’ll get a lot of calls. I have some time – 3 more weeks – until it is urgent for me so I’ll let things play out for now. But I will most certainly not be letting my points expire at the end of this month without a significant fight, especially given that they stated in the email that the points were already delivered.

      False advertising sucks every which way it comes about.

    1. Great that you got your points, AS. I still haven’t, though at least the one mile I earned from installing their toolbar credited so I’m good on them not expiring. I’ll have to keep watching to see when the 1,000 post for me.

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