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  1. Fellow Flyer based in RDU
    Fellow Flyer based in RDU at |

    Welcome to RDU! Try the 42nd Street Oyster Bar if you’re hungry.

  2. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    Wow, I am surprised in all your travels you have never been a 135!

  3. Flyer_70
    Flyer_70 at |

    I like to think of the cAAncelator as a roulette type wheel which contains all the days flights. Someone (in a back room at DFW somewhere) gives it a spin (or 20) and voila – those flights get the random cancellation. Those flights also seem to get assigned the ubiquitous “aircraft taken out of service”, which, oddly, no one and their brother can explain.

    So far, I’ve had ok luck when hit with the cAAncelator – normally auto-re-booked on the next flight. Sorry it wasn’t as seamless for you, but things appear to have worked out.

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