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  1. Iain
    Iain at |

    Despite all his bluster about flying through the ash cloud without damage, Michael O’Leary may just be talking a good game.

    The CAA was quoted on the BBC thus: “The CAA can confirm that at no time did a Ryanair flight enter the notified area of high contamination ash over Scotland this morning.”

    I haven’t checked the logs, but given his reputation as a serial BS-er, I have a funny feeling that the Ryanair boss may just be using this for PR.

  2. Ralf
    Ralf at |

    This is one of the main reasons why I never have and never will fly Ryanair. Extreme cost cutting is typically done at the expense of the personnel, customer treatment during irrops and safety.

    I do have problems with their business approach. They use smaller airports, because these are typically oversubsidized by the local government. Which means this crazy airline is siphoning off the tax payers money too.

  3. Tee
    Tee at |

    I understand Ryanair not wanting to cancel flights, but why take a chance with passenger safety? It seemed like an ill-advised scheme and I’m glad they reconsidered. It would only take one downed flight to ruin them, and that can’t seem worth it.

  4. Ralf
    Ralf at |

    Iain was right. No Ryanair flight entered a contaminated area. I really don’t understand what their CEO is trying to achieve by behaving as a clown.

  5. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    I’m not sure why anyone should be even remotely surprised by what this man is doing.
    Thinking of who is he – shrewd business man, his seemingly self defined purpose in life is to find what other run from (mistreating customers) and make a profit by doing it. If someone is forcing you to lose millions of dollars by grounding a fleet and you have reason to believe (clearly no proof) that it could be perfectly safe, or within the level or your companies acceptable risk, why not push back on government agencies stopping you from operating.

    I am NOT advocating dangerous flight or saying the ATC is lying here, just saying think about the source :).

  6. Ralf
    Ralf at |


    I’m not sure what you are trying to say here.
    Are you seriously suggesting that flying through ashes can be considered as an acceptable risk?

  7. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    @Ralf ha, no of course not, but its not my place to say. I’m just commenting on the source, and I think Ryanair is claiming the ash isn’t there more so than its ‘safe’. Acceptable risk is in the eye of the beholder and it seems flying through ash may be acceptable risk to RyanAir.