Checking in at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof (Hotel Review)

As part of the prize package from Lufthansa and the A380 Inaugural flight from San Francisco we were given two nights in the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof hotel. The Frankfurter Hof is arguably the flagship hotel in the Steigenberger chain. With over 130 years of history, a Michelin starred restaurant and a beautiful façade, it is readily regarded as one of the nicer properties in Frankfurt. Based on our experience there it is easy to understand why.


The property is located in the heard of the financial district, just around the corner from the Euro Central Bank headquarters and less than a kilometer from the main train station in Frankfurt. Add on the U-Bahn station just outside the front door and the location could hardly be better.

As best as I can tell the room we had was just a standard room. It was, however, anything but "standard" compared to other hotel stays I’ve had in the area. In addition to being rather large (and the fire escape map suggests that it was just the same as the others on the floor) it had a walk-in closet, high ceilings and was generally well appointed.



The room was nice without any over-the-top luxury at play. It also, as it typical of European hotels, was somewhat lacking on the air conditioning front. There was one and it mostly worked, but we had it set as cold as possible and with the fan on high and it barely cooled off the room; It was only in the mid-70s outside. Were it the middle of the summer I’d be worried about just how warm the rooms would get. Yes, this is typical, but I’d still be wary of it. The windows do open which can help with the ventilation if the weather isn’t too muggy.

Our room rate also included complimentary breakfast. I’m not usually a breakfast person and when we missed it the first day because of jetlag I wasn’t all that broken up over it. When we woke up early the second morning before our flight home and did have time to dine I immediately regretted having missed it the day prior. For starters, the listed rate for breakfast was €32. I don’t know of any breakfast that is actually worth $50 and I’d never actually pay that, but if it is included in the room rate then why not, right? It was definitely worthwhile.


They had American (omelet bar, bacon, etc.), European (sliced meats & cheeses, breads, etc.) and Japanese (noodle bar, soup, etc.) options available. In addition to the traditional smoked salmon they had a house-cured gravlax; it was delicious. Plenty of fruit and other light options, too. Oh, and sekt. Lots and lots of sekt. We were in a hurry and there was plenty more in the Senator Lounge when we got to the airport so I wasn’t too disappointed at only getting a couple glasses in during breakfast, but it was a nice accompaniment to the great food being served up.

I certainly would not go so far as to consider the Hof a luxe property. Luxurious in many ways, but not luxe. Still, it has a sort of old-world style about it that makes it quite the lovely place to stay. Things like live jazz music on the patio in the afternoon for snacks or cocktails. Those bits add up to make for a wonderful hotel experience.

And, needless to say, it was a much nicer hotel than I would have had were I paying for my room.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I’ve stayed at the Frankfurter Hof once when I was there during the summer, and they had an amazing discounted rate, like 99 Euros. I think it caters mainly to business travelers so it is expensive during the week during the work year, but a good deal on weekends and in the summer. I thought the room, overall ambience and location were among the best in Frankfurt.

    I think we also got breakfast included and it was great – but the list price was extremely high if not included in the room rate, and the internet charges were also on the high end.

    I’d stay there again in a heartbeat if I could get a good rate, especially with breakfast inclusive.

    1. Indeed, Carl, I’d go back if the price was right (and I had to be in Frankfurt). After the 20 minutes we spent in Mainz during the trip I think I’d rather just spend my next visit to the area there instead.

      Thanks for the alternate suggestion, NYBanker!

  2. You hit the nail on the head with, “I certainly would not go so far as to consider the Hof a luxe property. Luxurious in many ways, but not luxe. Still, it has a sort of old-world style about it that makes it quite the lovely place to stay.”

    I’ve stayed here a few times, and this is an apt description.

    Not as centrally located as the Hof, those seeking something a bit more upscale should consider the Villa Kennedy.

  3. I was just there a couple of months ago for a conference. Stayed 3 nights, breakfasts and lunches at the hotel paid for by the company (dinners were off-site). The breakfast buffet, as well as the egg station (more than just omelets) was fantastic. The fruit were all very fresh and juices all freshly squeezed and very good. Service was also quite nice. I agree that I wouldn’t call it a luxury property, but maybe just a couple notches below – and well ahead of your average full-service hotel. The room was very spacious and looked much like yours, although without the walk-in closet. The free in-room wifi was nice (or was that just a conference thing?). The terrace is great for eating meals, and the restaurant to the side – Oscar’s – was not bad, either. Short walks to the river, the boulevard with all the restaurants (that bier bike is hysterical), and shopping. Enough site-seeing in the area when you’re tied up in meetings all day, but I don’t know that I’d want to be there for more than a day or two otherwise.

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