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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    The fine print says it will be available on 757s as well,in addition to the wide bodies. Not sure if true.

    In any case, this would actually let me consider Delta for a long-haul trip if the overall price is right.

  2. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    As a Gold Medallion, I am quite unhappy about this. Not only are they not giving all their elites access to these seats, but they’ve roped in the exit rows, so I no longer have access to those as an elite. As a 6’5″ person, I try my darndest to get exit/bulkhead on the long hauls. I’m going over to Europe in about a month, and it’s already showing up as an option on the seat maps. Thumbs DOWN.

  3. Mo
    Mo at |

    Taylor shut up. Gold shmould u idiot. You are no better than anyone else. You 6’5 dumbass. LOL@gold elite, you are so dumb. Thumbs down because they won’t put you on a higher pedestal then all other passengers. I hate people like you. You get enough benefits as is. Grow the hell up you tall yet such a small petty man.

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