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  1. Copa
    Copa at |

    Boooooooooo. Not in good taste at all. I don’t see CO resurrecting 11…not that it’s an even comparison.

  2. notsosmart
    notsosmart at |

    Just weird. Did they have a 20-year old intern work on this? Or just a team of bozos?

  3. SCL
    SCL at |

    Yes, we should all change our lives because that’s what the terrorists want.

  4. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    I think it is stupid and pointless for them to bring back 93 and 175, but I wouldn’t say it is a horrible move.

  5. NB
    NB at |

    Are there any Western airlines out there (apart from UA now) who reuse flight numbers from fatal crashes?

  6. JR
    JR at |

    As a Boston-based UAL flight attendant, I have to say this is truly upsetting. We are a small,tight-knit community and everybody who was there on 9/11 knew people on flight 175. This does not bode well for the “working together” culture that Continental and United are ostensibly trying to promote with the merger.

  7. Carl
    Carl at |

    I wonder if it an employee coming from the CO side who did this who simply wasn’t aware of the sensitivity of these flight numbers.

    Kind of like the boarding procedure changes – they feel like CO execs implement CO policies

  8. Carl
    Carl at |

    Just announced. The red carpets at UA boarding areas are changing to CO blue.

    Sounds like the CO team setting the airport procedures.

  9. Carl
    Carl at |

    Is this yet another example of a CO person who doesn’t think anything UA is worth preserving?


    Why wouldn’t you at least migrate one of the user bases automatically?

  10. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    I really don’t get this. It isn’t a merger of equals, it is Continental with a better network and a new name. And I really don’t understand how in the world you can have Flights 93 and 175 entered into the system at the same time and say it was an error. There is some idiot who did it intentionally, and thankfully it got changed.

  11. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    The “blue carpet” is sleazy, half the airports I have been to have blue carpet, so it is not any type of differentiator to use blue carpet. Instead of the common “We now roll out the Red Carpet to 1K, Global Services, and United First customers,” we will get “We now roll out the blue carpet on the left to Premier Access customers.” Totally stupid, sure it keeps the colors in line with branding, but when you go to a UA checkin there is no red, so it isn’t like red is a big part of United’s branding either.

  12. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    Slow news day, seth? 🙂