Are you ready to be “BFF” with your airline?

It isn’t often that an airline gets the opportunity to establish a brand name for themselves so the stakes are rather severe when they do. In the case of JetBlue there have been a number of hints since the TrueBlue program re-launched that some sort of recognition would be coming down the pike for the very frequent customers, akin to the elite status offered by other programs. There are still no formally announced plans for such a program but there are a lot of hints out there that it is coming. So it is time to come up with a name.

According to at least one source there are at least three names being considered and, well, I’m not entirely convinced that any of them evoke a sense of loyalty or recognition that I’d be excited about. The choices being reported are:

  • BlueBirds
  • DeepBlue
  • BFF

I actually thought that last one was a joke but apparently it is not, though I still think it should be. These are two of the responses of friends to the suggestion of that name:

I would make fun of them, mercilessly..

I would think that the airline was being run by teenaged girls.

I cannot argue those points at all.

Hopefully they come up with some better ideas before the product launches.

UPDATE: An insider has informed me that none of these are actually in line to be the name of the new program and it was more a test balloon to see how folks will react to the program concept. A name will be forthcoming from a different set of choices.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Seeing as how “BFF” means “Best Friend Forever”, and we’re talking about the airline loyalty business here, I’d be more inclined to call it “Best Friends…until I perceive some minor slight that I will say grievously offended me and not really mean it because I was looking for a reason to jump ship anyway since my grocery store is no longer an earning partner”. Or something like that.

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