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  1. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    They didn’t capitulate to anything, they merely stated the facts to clarify extremely misinformed and outrageous headlines.

  2. deltaGOLDflyer
    deltaGOLDflyer at |

    “It never ceases to amaze me how the idiots can drive policy by proclaiming their ignorance louder than anyone smart.”

    Really? Have you ever seen C-SPAN? Are you sure you don’t want to change the quote.

    Uggg… all is lost! (now they show FOX news in the sky clubs too……)

  3. AS
    AS at |

    Very much agree with the original post. You should also compare notes with the Flying With Fish blog that has an excellent post about how all this outrage is much ado about nothing.

    Delta doesn’t fly to Saudi Arabia. Even if they did, all they would be doing is not transport someone without a valid visa which is what they, and all other carriers, are required to do.

    This fake outrage has nothing to do with Delta or anti-Jew policies, but everything to do with sensationalism about who is evil because they aren’t good at what might be labeled ‘patriotism theater’.

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    While the headline was sensational at Delta’s expense, there is merit to some light being shed on the anti-semetic policies of islamic governments. And these are the same jokers that go absolutely bonkers at any hint of islamic prejudice, real or not.

    And while Delta does not own SkyTeam, they are a founding member and certainly have influence over the proposed membership of state owned carriers that engage in blatant discrimination that would not otherwise be tolerated. They should have been ahead of this story instead of behind it.

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  6. Debra BUrman Gisby
    Debra BUrman Gisby at |

    Delta could not care less about Jews, what they do care about is making more money at any expense. This is deplorable. To sell Delta validated tickets to line their pockets at the expense of the Jewish community is an OUTRAGE. So, every travel agent and reservationist who gets a call from someone with a Jewish name MUST advise the passenger; “Mr. Goldberg, this flight is run by SAA and thus you may not wear your Chai or Star of David or carry a bible on the plane or you will be denied boarding”. The dual passport thing is old news, no one cares about that. Its the blatent discrimination of Jews on this airline, and that selling it as DELTA is unacceptable. Don’t even get me started on how it is against American foreign policy, something we as Americans pay billions of dollars for MIddle East peace. But its ok for Delta to throw the Jews to the wolves in order to make extra cash?

    In the US we are not allowed to discriminate against Arabs or any of their cultural garb, jewelry, Korans, etc.,. In the several instances where this happened post 9-11, the airlines paid dearly for this and the harmed were very well compensated. Airline paid out damages to Arabs, Muslims, people wearing custom garb, cause this is a nation that is NOT allowed to do that to anyone and if you do you are penalized. But its still OK for Delta to sell DELTA VALIDATED tickets on a flight that will throw off a Jew for any reason.

  7. Robert
    Robert at |

    Funny enough let’s see remember that just 70 years ago American companies did business with Nazis and used the lovely excuse that they are just following German laws with respect to Jews, African Americans and etc. Same story. Those who do not know history will learn it hard way.