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  1. Nybanker
    Nybanker at |

    This was a no-brainer.

    When considering connecting flights, particularly on a trip so short, pax should ask themselves what each hour of incremental personal time is worth to themselves…and select accordingly. $20 an hour? $100 an hour? $1,000 an hour?
    Perhaps also factor in the value of concentrating miles on a particular carrier in the decision, but again, put a price on it and decide if your time is worth spending.

    Time is just about the only thing you can’t get more of.

  2. Michael
    Michael at |

    Just print out a screen grab and u are good to go. Also 1.5 miles in first, no?

  3. Ozymandias
    Ozymandias at |

    What tool is that a screen shot of?