Checking In: Rodd Park House Inn, Moncton, Canada

Passing through Moncton for a few hours and looking for a place to stay? We were, too. Thanks to the folks at (I love me some Welcome Rewards points!) we ended up at the Rodd Park House Inn. Arrival was at 11pm. Departure was the following morning at 8:30am. Honestly there isn’t all that much that can happen in a hotel during that brief a stay to make it stand out as awesome, though there are plenty of things that can make it suck. Fortunately for us nothing happened in the latter category.

The hotel was actually fine. Free breakfast in the morning, similar to what you’d find at a Hampton Inn and the rate was quite reasonable. The room is nothing special, but it has all the necessary fixtures to serve for an overnight. Free WiFi in the room that worked great helped, too.




After the quick breakfast we were on the road so I cannot speak too much to the quality of the area around the hotel. It looked rather bleak, though the tattoo and piercing shop across the street appeared to be reasonably nice. Our window did face the street side but I didn’t notice too much noise filtering in, either because there wasn’t or because I was too tired.

There is a small park adjacent to the hotel that I discovered while trying to find the Avis facility to pick up our rental car. Nothing particularly special about it but the monument there was pretty cool.



It is hard for me to muster too much of an opinion on the hotel, both because the stay was so short and because it is so plain. For the price paid it was exactly what we needed. The location was across from the rental car which made it easy to get the car in the morning and the bed worked. Hard to do too much wrong with that.

Apparently there is some construction going on in the hotel but it wasn’t clear to us what was involved, other than that we got a cool hard hat squishy ball toy as part of the stay.

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