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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    The changes to the program don’t really bother me. And as long as they let me keep my existing Select MP card with its features and benefits, I am not too concerned about what the new card offers. I suspect they’ll have another card that will target elites, as this one offers a lot of benefits that are duplicating what many elite flyers already have via status or purchase (club access).

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    I agree with Oliver that as a UA/CO elite who already has lifetime club access, the benefits on the new cards are essentially worthless to me.

    However the two program changes are potentially painful for someone who has children enrolled in the programs. I don’t necessarily have my children fly on a paid flight every 18 months – they may not fly at all, or only on a school trip where I don’t control the airlines, or only on awards from my account if they don’t have enough miles. Of course they don’t qualify for a credit card. So these two changes mean more work to keep their miles from expiring, and they don’t get last seat availabilty for rule buster awards anymore – for example when they must travel on the first or last day of a school vacation and revenue tickets are expensive. As I read it, it is based on the mileage status of the traveler, not the person redeeming the award.

    So I do think there is an impact on the household of an elite.

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Seth, if the banks aren’t willing to fund the travel of the resourceful, they could start by stopping those insane mega signup bonuses. Well, given the much lower bonus of this card, maybe they are doing just that.

  4. Scott
    Scott at |

    Regarding elite upgrades on award tickets–the only benefit I see from the card–I thought it was only for cardholders, right?