Good eats at the Sea Breeze, Neil’s Harbor, Nova Scotia

Our journey through the Canadian Maritime provinces was yet another in the long list of trips where I truly wish I could eat more. The food was delicious at every turn. One particularly difficult choice we faced was lunch on our last day in the area. We had just finished up our kayaking trip so we had definitely earned a good meal. Alas, there are two restaurants in Neil’s Harbor to choose from and we had only one meal to eat.


We ended up at Sea Breeze, supposedly sacrificing the view slightly for a better seafood chowder. After lunch we walked out to the lighthouse and saw the other restaurant and I cannot believe that the view there was sufficiently better to justify giving up anything on quality of food, mostly because the food at Sea Breeze was delicious and the view didn’t particularly suck.


The restaurant only operates seasonally and doesn’t appear to have changed much over the seasons. The full menu is on display but there’s always a chance that something isn’t available if the seafood isn’t fresh. No crab, for example, when we visited. There are specials, too, adding to the choices. In our case this meant more lobster options, keeping our streak of lobster every day during the trip alive.


Dine inside or out; either way the view is divine, as is the food. The photo above shows the steamed mussels, chowder and lobster burger that I had for lunch.


The Sea Breeze is only open in the summers and is located just off the Cabot Trail.

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